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Slice And Serve: The Best Bagel Slicers For Every Kitchen

Bagels are a beloved breakfast food, but slicing them evenly can be tricky. Using your regular bread knife often leads to disastrous results – ragged edges, squashed rounds, or even lost fingertips! Investing in a dedicated bagel slicers solves these problems, giving you professional-quality, uniform slices every time.

How a Bagel Slicer Works

Best Bagel Slicers

A bagel slicer is a simple but clever gadget consisting of a base to hold the bagel half and an ultra-sharp sliding blade to slice it. The bagel half sits cut-side down in a specially designed cradle, keeping it stable and level. The cradle often has small spikes to gently grip the bagel.

You then use the handle to push the horizontal blade through the bagel in one smooth motion, neatly slicing it in two halves. The blade immediately retracts back into the plastic casing for safety. It gives you even slices without tearing or crushing like an unforgiving knife would.

Benefits of Using a Bagel Slicer

  • Saves time – no more sawing back and forth with a knife to get an uneven slice!
  • Prevents squashed or torn bagels
  • Cuts thicker bagels that don’t fit in a toaster cleanly in half
  • Gives you professional bakery-style presentation
  • Minimizes the risk of cutting your fingers
  • Fun and easy for kids to use with supervision

What to Look for When Buying a Bagel Slicer

Best Bagel Slicers

Keep these key features in mind when choosing an appliance to take your breakfast prep up a notch:

Blade Quality – A bagel slicer’s performance comes down to its blade. High-carbon stainless steel blades stay ultra-sharp, resist corrosion, and easily slice through crusty bagel tops. Low quality slicers have flimsy chrome-plated blades that go dull quickly.

Ergonomic Handle – Look for a comfortable, non-slip handle that fits nicely in your hand to push the blade through smoothly without straining your wrist.

Safety Housing – Make sure the blade retracts fully into a durable plastic casing out of harm’s way when not in use.

Easy To Clean – Opt for simple designs over gadgets with lots of nooks and crannies where crumbs can collect. Dishwasher-safe parts are most convenient.

Compact Storage – Many bagel slicers stand upright to minimize drawer or cabinet space. Some even come with blade covers.

Adjustable For Various Thicknesses – High-end slicers allow you to raise or lower the blade to accommodate different sized bagels from mini to giant.

Texture Grips – Spikes, ridges or grooves hold bagel halves securely while slicing to prevent slippage and miscuts.

Below we review the top five bagel slicers on the market that consistently earn high marks for performance, durability, safety and value. Read on to discover the best choice for your breakfast needs.

Top Bagel Slicer Reviews

1. Joie Mini Bagel Slicer

  • Ultra-slim design
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Textured base grips bagel
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Safety blade guard

Quick Overview

With its space-saving upright design and petite proportions, Joie’s mini bagel slicer is perfect for tiny city kitchens, dorm rooms, RVs, apartments or office break areas.

Despite its compact size, this mighty mini has an industrial-strength stainless steel blade reinforced with a steel plate at the hilt for extra stability. The slicing plate is generously textured to hold bagel halves securely during cutting.

An integrated blade guard completely encloses the sharp edge when stowed to protect little curious fingers. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe too.

Reviewers praise how cleanly and easily this dainty gadget slices even large, crusty bagels in half without mangling or squishing. The ergonomic handle provides good leverage for smooth cutting motion as well.

Customers warn that mini bagels or thin sliced bread may slip down through the grate a little during slicing. But a steady hand or small spatula can easily lift and reposition small pieces to continue slicing safely.

With its combination of portability and performance, Joie’s bagel slicer suits dorms, RVs, small kitchens or desk drawers perfectly for quick breakfast prep. The decent price also makes it an excellent housewarming or wedding gift.

  • Dimensions – 3.25 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Weight – 7.4 ounces
  • Model Number – 13112
  • Blade – Stainless steel
  • Handle – Plastic with steel reinforcement
  • Base Plate – Textured plastic
  • Adjustable – No
  • Guard – Yes
  • Warranty – 1 year


  • Compact, upright space-saving design
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Textured base plate prevents slippage
  • Enclosed blade guard for safety
  • Easy push handle slicing action
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Inexpensive


  • Not adjustable for thickness
  • Small bagels may slip during slicing

2. Hudson Essentials Bagel Slicer With Catch Tray

  • Tough stainless steel blade
  • Grooved base grips bagel
  • Adjusts for various thicknesses
  • Safety guard & catch tray
  • 1-year guarantee

Quick Overview

Hudson Essentials’ sleek bagel slicer stands out for its rugged stainless steel construction and handy under-mounted catch tray.

The US-made commercial-grade blade promises lasting performance and corrosion resistance to handle the workload of a busy breakfast nook easily. It slices cleanly without tearing or mangling bagels of any size or density.

For optimal safety, a clear acrylic guard completely encloses the blade edge when not slicing. Bagel halves are cradled securely during cutting by a generously textured base with crosshatch grooves to prevent slipping.

Unique to this model, an ingenious swing-down shelf mounted underneath catches sliced bagel halves neatly as they drop and keeps them from rolling away. This also gives pre-cut pieces a place to rest.

With a flick of the lever, you can adjust blade height in seconds to precisely fit everything from mini to giant bagels up to 1.25 inches thick or English muffins too. Reviewers love this versatility.

All parts detach easily for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. The strong stainless steel construction resists corrosion and food odors over time. Hudson Essentials provides a satisfaction guarantee as well.

For its commercial-grade durability, versatile adjustability and handy catch tray feature, the Hudson Essentials bagel slicer makes an excellent choice for larger families or catering businesses.

  • Dimensions – 8.75 x 6 x 3.75 inches
  • Weight – 1.65 pounds
  • Model Number – HS-1202
  • Blade – Stainless steel
  • Handle – Plastic
  • Base Plate – Textured plastic with grooves
  • Adjustable – Yes, up to 1.25 inches
  • Guard – Yes, clear acrylic
  • Warranty – 1 year guarantee


  • Rugged stainless steel blade
  • Textured, grooved base plate
  • Adjustable thickness up to 1.25 inches
  • Clear acrylic blade guard
  • Convenient catch tray shelf
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to clean parts


  • Bulkier than basic slicers
  • Catch tray reduces compactness

3. Norpro Cordless Electric Bagel Slicer

  • Powerful 2-speed motor
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Grooved base plate
  • Safety cover & blade lock
  • Cordless convenience

Quick Overview

Fed up with sawing bagels by hand? Norpro’s electric slicer does the work for you at the touch of a button. No outlets required either thanks to the convenient cordless design!

Assemble this small appliance by snapping the textured base plate, serrated blade wheel and smooth safety cover together. Lift the integrated handle to turn it on. Then simply press bagel halves cut-side down onto the grooved platform.

Squeeze the one-touch trigger on the ergonomic handle and watch twin stainless steel blades embedded in the spinning wheel slice bagels evenly in seconds. Release to stop. The textured platform prevents rotation or slippage for clean cuts without tearing or crushing.

Once the job is done, the safety cover clicks back over the blade wheel automatically. Flip up the blade lock switch before removing pieces or cleaning to prevent accidental activation as well.

Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, Norpro’s portable slicer doesn’t require an electrical outlet. The lithium-ion battery fully charges in just 90 minutes for cordless convenience. Reviewers love being able to slice bagels anywhere like campsites or potlucks.

With effortless push-button operation plus cordless versatility, Norpro’s gadget makes quick work of batch slicing bagels to save busy hosts precious party prep time.

  • Dimensions – 6 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Weight – 1.75 pounds
  • Model Number – Norpro 6093
  • Blade – Stainless steel wheel
  • Base Plate – Textured plastic with grooves
  • Adjustable – No
  • Safety – Cover, lock switch
  • Power – Cordless, built-in lithium battery


  • Motorized 2 speed slicing wheel
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Cordless convenience
  • Textured no-slip base
  • Safety cover and lock switch
  • Portable for parties, trips, etc
  • Slices batches fast


  • Not adjustable thickness
  • Small round bagels may slip
  • Base doesn’t catch pieces

4. Good Cook Multi Blade Bagel Slicer

  • 5 thickness settings
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Ridged gripper base
  • Underneath crumb catch
  • Bamboo accent trim

Quick Overview

If you slice bagels of all shapes and sizes for your family, Good Cook’s customizable multi-blade gadget makes the task super easy with settings for mini to jumbo rounds.

The streamlined base has five different slots to insertion the slicing blade cartridge into. Pick mini, thin, standard, thick or jumbo thickness. Then lock the cartridge securely in place with the lever.

Sturdy stainless steel blades guaranteed to stay sharp make slicing action smooth and effortless. Textured ridges on the base platform grab onto bagels so they stay put while cutting.

For neatness, a pull-out crumb catching tray underneath holds sliced pieces as well as debris from cutting. This keeps your countertop clean while capturing all the halves in one spot for easy transferring to plates.

Users love how quickly this gadget slices batches of bagels for a crowd, even very crusty ones. Adjusting between settings takes just seconds when you want to switch sizes. The slide-out tray minimizes mess during busy breakfasts as well.

Minor downsides are difficulty thoroughly cleaning trapped crumbs from the catch tray and base. But warm soapy water usually clears debris with some scrubbing.

With its multi-blade cartridge, adjustable base and crumb catching tray, Good Cook’s slicer tackles bagels of any size with customizable precision other’s lack. The cherry or oak wood accent trim adds a touch of class to your countertop too!

  • Dimensions – 9 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Weight – 1.65 pounds
  • Model Number – GC-BS5
  • Blade – Stainless steel cartridge
  • Base – Plastic with wood accent
  • Adjustable – Yes, 5 thickness settings
  • Safety – Covered blade cartridge
  • Extras – Crumb catch tray


  • Insertable multi-blade cartridge
  • 5 size adjustable settings
  • Textured base for stability
  • Pull-out crumb catch tray
  • Easy batch slicing ability
  • Classy wood accent trim


  • Catch tray hard to clean thoroughly
  • Bulkier than basic models
  • Assembly pieces may loosen

5. Premium Pick: Rowenta Perfect Slicer Bagel Toaster

  • Extra-wide slots
  • Integrated bagel slicer
  • Adjustable browning
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 2-year warranty

Quick Overview

For the ultimate all-in-one breakfast appliance, Rowenta’s Perfect Slicer combines a convenient bagel slicer with a high-performance toaster. That’s right – slice AND toast your bagel with one sleek, compact gadget!

The integrated bagel slicer on top allows you to evenly halve bagels with one push of the lever before toasting. Extra-wide slots accommodate the thickest seeded or gluten-free rounds.

Seven darkness settings from light golden to deep dark brown cater to every family member’s taste. The auto-centering function positions pieces perfectly as well.

Users rave this 2-in-1 appliance not only saves precious countertop real estate but also time since you can slice and toast in one seamless process. The removable crumb tray keeps the sleek stainless exterior spotless too.

While the premium combination design does cost over 4 times more than basic slicers, nearly 1,500 reviewers award Rowenta’s space-saving appliance 5 stars for being an indispensable kitchen multitasker. It makes a superb gift for bagel lovers too!

  • Dimensions – 13 x 7.2 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Model Number – RO3870
  • Toaster Capacity – 4 extra-wide slots
  • Toasting Modes – Bagel, Reheat, Defrost
  • Browning Control – 7 shade settings
  • Extras – Integrated slicer, crumb tray
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • Space-saving 2-in-1 design
  • Integrated slicer and toaster
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Seven browning levels
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 2-year warranty
  • Saves counter space


  • Very expensive
  • Bulky on countertop
  • Crumb tray leaks grease

Bagel Slicer Buying Guide

With so many options on the market, choosing the right bagel slicer for your family can get confusing. Keep these key factors in mind while shopping:

Blade Quality – Stainless steel resists corrosion and stays sharp. Chrome plates dull quickly. Metal thickness impacts durability.

Safety Features – Guards, locks and protective casings prevent contact with sharp blades.

Base Plate Texture – Grips, spikes and ridges hold bagels securely during slicing. Smooth plastic lets them slip.

Adjustable Thickness – Multi-level slots suit mini to giant bagels for more versatility.

Easy To Clean – Fewer nooks and creams allow better cleaning. Dishwasher safe parts add convenience.

Compact Storage – Upright, folding and space-saving designs maximize room in drawers and cabinets.

Extra Functions – Special features like crumb catch trays, electric operation or toasting abilities improve functionality.

Price – Basic no-frills slicers cost $15 to $30 while heavy-duty electric and convertible models run $70 to $200.

While static blade models suffice for most light household use, splurging on electric or adjustable options can pay off for frequent batch slicing or bagel businesses.

Bagel Slicing Tips

Follow these pro tips for getting picture-perfect, even slices:

  • Let bagels cool 5-10 minutes after taking out of the oven or toaster before slicing to set the shape.
  • Position bagel flat-side down in the cradle, centering over the blade path to prevent lopsided or angled cutting.
  • Apply firm, steady pressure on the handle when slicing for clean cuts. Sawing weakly distorts rounds.
  • If the blade doesn’t fully penetrate tough crusts, don’t force it. Simply re-position the bagel and slice again.
  • When batch slicing, work over a large plate or tray to catch pieces neatly as they drop through the slicer.
  • Wipe crumbs out of the blade slot and off the textured base between uses to maintain effectiveness.
  • Hand wash plastic parts or top-rack dishwasher. Avoid harsh detergents eroding metals.

With the right gadget, preparing a hearty bagel breakfast for a houseful of hungry guests or just yourself is quick, easy and satisfying. We hope our bagel slicer reviews and tips help you serve up bakery-style results at home morning after morning!

Frequently Asked Bagel Slicer Questions

1. What types and sizes of bread can bagel slicers handle?

Bagel slicers work on round bread products 2 to 6 inches in diameter including:

  • Bagels
  • English Muffins
  • Bialys
  • Donuts
  • Rolls
  • Buns like hamburger buns

Adjustable and electric models can accommodate mini to jumbo sizes. Standard slicers work best on average 4 inch grocery store bagels. Make sure specialty extra-large or small rounds will fit appropriately before purchasing.

2. Can you put whole uncut bagels into a slicer?

No, only bagel halves should be positioned into slicers to ensure proper alignment. The blades slice vertically down through the top crust for evenness. Do not attempt to insert a whole unsplit round. Use a bread knife to slice bagels by hand first if your model lacks a built-in slicer.

3. Why do bagels need to cool before slicing?

Freshly baked or toasted bagels retain heat and moisture inside, making them quite soft initially. Cutting open a piping hot bagel causes steam to escape and the shape to deflate. Allowing rounds to rest 5 to 10 minutes firms them up for cleaner slicing with better retention of height and roundness.

4. How should you clean a bagel slicer safely?

Proper cleaning prevents cross-contamination and maintains functionality. Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug electric cordless models first.
  2. Disassemble parts like trays, guards or blades.
  3. Rinse under warm water, using a soft brush to clear crevices of crumbs or dried cheese. Avoid hard scrubbing abrasive cleaners on metals.
  4. Allow pieces to air dry fully before reassembling to prevent moisture damage.
  5. Sanitize the blade by wiping with rubbing alcohol occasionally.

Most plastic bases, trays and guards are top-rack dishwasher safe. Stainless steel blades should be hand washed gently.

5. Can you slice bread loaves or rolls with a bagel slicer?

You’ll get the best performance from your bagel slicer sticking to rounded breads like bagels, English muffins and buns specifically. The perforated base cradles are too small for larger loaves or odd shapes that won’t align properly with the blade path. Use a traditional bread knife for longer loaves.

6. What should you do if a slicer blade gets dull?

Quality stainless steel blades stay sharp for years with proper care. But cutting overly hard, thick crusts repeatedly can eventually dull edges. Replacements are inexpensive from the manufacturer or retailers like Amazon. Use a bread knife temporarily until you can replace the blades.

Electric and multi-blade models allow you to switch out the actual blade cartridge easily when needed as well. Chrome plated blades tend to lose sharpness much quicker than stainless.

7. Why do bagels need to be secured firmly while slicing?

For safety and cutting precision, bagel slicers rely on keeping rounds very stable and stationary against their textured base plate as the horizontal blade passes through. Spikes, crosshatching and rubberized grips serve this traction purpose. If dense bagels start to slip during slicing, the blade can tear or misalign for uneven cuts. Re-position any shifted pieces more firmly.

Final Thoughts

We hope our comprehensive bagel slicer guide gives you confidence to choose the right appliance to start serving up professional-quality breakfasts and brunches at home. With simpler prep work and consistent, speedy results, everyone can enjoy more satisfying mornings together gathered around that most versatile of breads – the bagel!

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