Get the Party Started: The Best Bose Outdoor Speakers for Your Next BBQ

Outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and backyards are great for entertaining. However, you need quality outdoor speakers to set the mood with music. Bose makes excellent outdoor speaker options to consider for your gathering spot.

Why Choose Bose for Outdoor Speakers

Best Bose Outdoor Speakers

Bose is known for high-quality audio equipment. Their outdoor speakers bring the same level of audio excellence outside. Here’s why Bose rises above other outdoor speaker brands:

  • Durability – Bose designs outdoor speakers to handle weather, water, dust, bugs and temperature extremes. Their all-weather enclosures protect the speakers.
  • Sound Quality – Bose outdoor speakers produce rich, vibrant sound with customized drivers and technologies like phase guides.
  • Versatility – Many Bose models come with mounting brackets, enabling placement on walls, posts, or ceilings. Their compact sizes fit nicely into backyard environments.
  • Reliability – Rigorously tested, Bose outdoor speakers work season after season without failure. Their warranty provides peace of mind.

Bose outdoor speaker technology combined with the brand’s sterling reputation make them a top choice for upgrading your outdoor sound.

Best Bose Outdoor Speakers

Here are 5 top-rated Bose outdoor speaker options to compare:

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

Bose Free Space 51

Making a permanent enhancement to your yard? The Bose Free Space 51 in-ground speakers integrate seamlessly. An angled design sends sound throughout your backyard.

Key Features:

  • In-ground speakers hidden when not in use
  • UV-resistant graphite black composite enclosures
  • Custom 4.5-inch drivers and high-excursion bass radiators
  • Waterproof gaskets, drainage system, zinc anti-corrosion treatments
  • Built to last 25+ years outdoors
  • Frequency response range of 55Hz – 20kHz

Though installed underground, the Bose Free Space 51 speakers produce 360 degrees of clear, dynamic sound. Position them up to 200 feet apart for whole yard coverage.

Bose Free Space 51 Satellite Speakers

Bose Free Space 51 Satellite Speakers

Pair the Bose Free Space 51 Satellite speakers with the in-ground models. Get immersive surround sound everywhere in your yard with zoned areas controlled separately.

Key Features:

  • Matching design and audio to in-ground speakers
  • Angled baffles also send sound in all directions
  • Mountable pedestal and white color option available
  • Durable aluminum enclosure
  • Custom environmental stress testing

Place up to two satellite speakers between each pair of in-ground speakers. Toggle them on for more sound coverage or louder volumes when entertaining larger groups.

Bose 251 Environmental Speakers


Seeking compact outdoor speakers? The Bose 251 Environmental Speakers pack a sonic punch. Sleek and small enough for deck rails, patios or garden borders, they withstand all weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • 5.25-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters
  • Customarily arranged drivers and ports
  • Water-resistant enclosure and powder coat treatment
  • Built-in mounting brackets or pedestals
  • Weigh only 8.6 pounds each
  • Green or black colors

Despite the diminutive size, proprietary Bose technologies give the 251 speakers full bass and crisp highs covering 100Hz – 20kHz. Use them to dot ambient sound outside or crank tunes for parties.

Bose Free Space 3 Satellite Speakers

Bose Free Space 3 Satellite Speakers

Need rear surround speakers for your outdoor home theater? Check out the compact Bose Free Space 3 satellites. Also great for adding sound coverage zones to your yard, the weatherized white speakers feature a dual-driver design in a durable plastic housing.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight at just over 3 pounds
  • Mount almost anywhere with adjustable cradle
  • “Winglet” cabinet shaping for omnidirectional sound dispersion
  • Custom 3-inch woofer and .75-inch tweeter set
  • Rugged enclosure holds up outdoors
  • Available with longer 100-foot cable length

Despite small size, the angled Free Space 3 speakers contain custom components found in larger Bose models for impressive 360-degree sound output. Use them to flank TVs, borders or seating groups outside.

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker

Portability makes the Bose S1 Pro speaker handy for moving where the party goes. Stream music from any phone or tablet via Bluetooth while adjustable coverage fills yards large or small.

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 11 hours runtime
  • Auto EQ, 3-channel mixer, inputs for microphones or guitars
  • Custom-designed driver, folded high-frequency horn
  • Built-in carry handles, pole mount socket
  • Weighs just 13 pounds
  • Water/dust resistance rating

With smart Bose technologies providing powerful, balanced sound and resilient construction for outdoor use, the S1 Pro speaker amps up patio parties or makes background music portable.

What to Look for in Bose Outdoor Speakers

While Bose sets the standard for excellent audio performance, you’ll still want to examine the weatherproofing, sound quality, positioning and convenience features to select the right outdoor speakers for your needs from the brand.

Weatherproof Casing

First, Bose outdoor speaker enclosures withstand rain, snow, salt air and sun exposure while protecting the sensitive inner components. Look for:

  • Sealed designs preventing water incursion
  • UV fade/corrosion resistant plastics
  • Powder coated metals that won’t rust
  • Water drainage around driver cones
  • Gasket seals insulating solder joints

The enclosure should also allow airflow to dissipate heat and inhibit humidity buildup so the speakers keep working through extreme seasons.

Sound Clarity & Range

While resilient to outdoor elements, Bose speakers still produce premium, balanced sound outside matching indoor models. Prioritize speakers offering:

  • Wide audible frequency ranges from at least 55Hz to 20kHz
  • Clear mid to high range replication from tweeters
  • Strong bass response via woofers or passive radiators
  • Omnidirectional or angled output reaching a whole area
  • Capacity for higher wattage to fill big spaces

The sound quality technologies from Bose give outdoor speakers loud, vibrant, and rich audio that immerses any space.

Placement & Control

Think about where you will install or place the Bose outdoor speakers when selecting them. Seek speakers with:

  • Adjustable/swappable orientation
  • Mounting hardware like pedestals or cradles
  • Cable lengths reaching desired placement spots
  • Built-in volume controls and toggles
  • Optional satellite additions for more zones

Carefully position and calibrate directional or surround satellite speakers for balanced sound coverage across your entire yard or patio.

Smart Features & Connectivity

Today’s speakers integrate technology for wireless streaming and voice controls. Consider Bose models with:

  • Bluetooth/NFC pairing to devices
  • WiFi/app connectivity options
  • Support for smart assistants like Alexa
  • Ability to create groups or stereo pairs
  • Flexible audio connections like RCA or 1⁄8” jack inputs

Then you can cue playlists or podcasts and command the outdoor speakers hands-free with your voice instead of going back inside to adjust playback all the time.

Setting Up Bose Outdoor Speakers

Installing or placing your new Bose outdoor audio solution? Follow best practices for getting the most enjoyment from the speakers:

  • Choose wisely – Garden, mount, or simply set speakers for optimal sound quality and coverage but minimal intrusion.
  • Get wired – For permanent backyard speakers, hire an AV installer to trench speaker wires. Use heavy 14 or 12 gauge for long wire runs.
  • Seal connections – With all wiring complete, coat multi-pin terminal junctions in silicone gel or heat shrink to prevent corrosion.
  • Establish redundancy – Group wired speakers in a series-parallel wiring scheme so one broken speaker won’t disable the whole system.
  • Use proper supports – Mount speakers carefully with approved hardware for the surface material onto beams, posts, ceilings or speaker stands to avoid instability.
  • Consider a soundbar – Get clearer TV audio outdoors. Place the stereo speaker bar between or on the ground below the patio set before the screen.
  • Try elevation – For portable units like the S1 Pro, use a compact tripod speaker stand which angles sound optimally over crowds below without any muffling.
  • Test for sound gaps – Play music and walk the space to find dead zones missing coverage to know if you need more fill-in satellite speakers.

Positioning Bose outdoor speakers advantageously lets guests hear tunes comfortably from a hammock, food prep area, dining table, and more without cranking volume unnecessarily high.

Maintaining Bose Outdoor Speakers

A few simple maintenance steps will help your new Bose outdoor speakers function flawlessly for years of changing weather and seasons:

  • Remove visible debris like leaves or dirt stuck to speaker cones with a duster or wipe to prevent growth of mold.
  • Confirm drainage holes or gaps left open and unplugged on enclosed speakers to let past rainwater escape freely.
  • Inspect wire connections monthly to ensure fittings remain tight with no corrosion or loose wires present.
  • For portable models, fully charge built-in batteries at least once a month to maximize lifespan.
  • Wash salt, sand or grime off plastic or metal casings annually using just a light soap, water and soft rag. Never spray cleaners directly.
  • Store portable speakers like the S1 Pro indoors during winter or disconnect wiring to permanent mount backyard speakers if experiencing an extended period of disuse.
  • Consider buying weatherproof project box Style covers for any wireless streaming gadgets or control panels left permanently out in the elements nearby.

Basic maintenance and care makes Bose outdoor speakers even more durable assets providing musical enjoyment outside for years of warm weather fun with family and friends.

Get the Perfect Bose Outdoor Speaker Pair for Your Backyard Today


Outdoor gatherings need a soundtrack to liven the mood. There’s a Bose speaker designed just for placement outside to handle the weather while delivering exceptional sound. Choose compact models for your patio or larger, more powerful home theater speakers and satellites to fill the bigger backyard space with music everyone can hear clearly.

  • Visit Bose product listings to compare outdoor speaker options firsthand.
  • Use the handy Buying Guide to identify the right Bose technology for your setting.
  • Talk to a Bose Solutions Expert at a local dealer to get tailored advice about outdoor audio speaker placement and installation for your home.

Investing in hard-wearing Bose outdoor speakers pumps up the enjoyment when socializing outside and considering friends even linger longer with great music playing.

FAQ About Bose Outdoor Speakers

Have some lingering questions before selecting backyard or patio speakers? Here are answers to common outdoor audio inquiries:

What is the best placement for outdoor speakers?

Ideally, place outdoor speakers mounted ear level 7-8 feet apart around seating areas for best coverage. Separate left and right stereo pair speakers at least 10-12 feet. For whole yard coverage, install speakers pointed inward from perimeter fence corners.

How do you protect outdoor speakers from weather?

Enclosures are designed to withstand weather themselves, but added protection like an overhang, awning or ZipShellz water-resistant covers adds assurance that electronics stay dry and work in extreme weather. Disconnect wiring before winter or heavy storms.

Can you leave outdoor speakers outside year-round?

Speakers rated as “all-weather” or “weatherproof” can stay outside permanently without damage from cold, heat or moisture. But take wireless portable models inside if they cannot be stored in a garage or shed to prevent theft or damage from snow weight.

What gauge speaker wire should be used outdoors?

Thicker is better for permanent outdoor wiring. Use 12 or 14 gauge wires to prevent voltage drop over longer cable runs to backyard speakers. Sheath cables in PVC conduit underground for added protection. Include water-tight connection gel and junction boxes.

Do outdoor speakers need to be wired?

Permanent outdoor speakers must connect to an AV receiver or amplifier indoors via speaker wires. But self-contained portable models like the Bose S1 Pro have built-in amplification for wireless Bluetooth streaming from any device. Easy positioning makes wires optional.

Should outdoor speakers be angled downward?

Because sound carries and reflects differently outside, aim speakers straight out or slightly angled down 6-12 degrees depending on speaker height. This ensures those closest actually hear audio clearly and prevents irritating neighbors with sound projection upwards.

Carefully positioning Bose outdoor speakers improves audio coverage for patio or backyard enjoyment all season long. Invest in quality Bose models that withstand weather exposure year after year.

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